Conquestador Casino Terms and Conditions

Understanding Player Terms

The Player Terms outline the conditions for accessing and using Conquestador Casino, encompassing aspects like account registration, gameplay, and content interaction. Users are required to accept these terms, which may undergo modifications to comply with legal requirements. It’s crucial for players to review updates and comply with the stipulated rules to ensure a seamless gaming experience.

Your Account

Registering for an account involves providing personal information, and users must confirm acceptance of the terms. It is essential to maintain accurate details, be of legal age, and ensure compliance with location restrictions. Mobinc reserves the right to refuse registration, and players are responsible for account security, with password protection being a key component. The company closely monitors account activity to prevent money laundering, emphasizing identity verification.

Playing our Games

Mobinc offers various games, some available for free play and others for cash prizes. Game rules, detailed on the website, must be understood before placing wagers. Players can bet using the funds in their account, and once a bet is placed, refunds or cancellations are generally not possible. In case of game interruptions, actions are taken to refund or update the balance based on specific circumstances, ensuring fair play.

Deposits and Withdrawals/Segregation of your Funds

Deposits to play for cash prizes require a cash deposit to the account, subject to specific payment methods and minimum/maximum deposit amounts. The company reserves the right to set limits and monitor account activity for suspicious behavior. Withdrawals are subject to verification procedures, and certain restrictions apply. Funds are segregated in accordance with regulatory requirements, safeguarding customer funds in the event of insolvency.

Responsible Gaming

Acknowledging the potential risks of problem gambling, Mobinc provides responsible gaming features. Players can set deposit limits, receive reality check notifications, opt for take-a-break periods, or choose self-exclusion. These tools aim to promote a safe and enjoyable gaming environment. Users are encouraged to utilize these features to manage their gaming behavior effectively.

Bonuses and Promotions

Promotions may offer bonuses or free spins, subject to terms outlined in the Promotion Terms section. Certain behaviors, like attempting to recoup stakes excessively or manipulating stake sizes, may result in bonus withdrawal. Users have the option to opt out of bonuses, and fees may apply for withdrawals of less than a specified amount. The company reserves the right to review transaction records to identify prohibited behaviors.

Prohibited Activities

Engaging in prohibited activities, such as using funds to exploit exchange rate fluctuations, may result in actions like withdrawal cancellations, fund confiscation, or account closure. Mobinc reserves the right to disable payment methods suspected of misuse and takes measures against potential abuse.


Their Rights

Mobinc retains the right to modify Player Terms, refuse registration, or review transaction records. The company may exercise discretion in decisions regarding bonuses, withdrawals, and account activities. Users are expected to comply with the defined terms and conditions.


Your Privacy

The privacy policy, outlined in Section 9 of the Player Terms, emphasizes the importance of user privacy. Mobinc collects and processes personal information as per legal requirements. Users are encouraged to review the privacy policy to understand how their data is handled.

Contacting Them & Complaints

Users with questions, concerns, or complaints can contact Mobinc via email at [email protected]. The company commits to addressing complaints promptly, following defined steps to ensure customer satisfaction.


Their Liability

The liability section clarifies Mobinc’s stance on service security, bugs, and viruses. Users are responsible for their device configurations, and the company cannot guarantee absolute security. Misuse attempts, including introducing harmful elements, may result in legal consequences.


Intellectual Property

Protection of intellectual property is highlighted, emphasizing that users must not misuse Conquestador Casino, attack the platform, or attempt unauthorized access. Any breach of these terms may lead to legal action.


Use of their Apps

Details about technical requirements, responsibilities regarding web browsers, and potential charges imposed by network operators are covered in this section. Users are expected to adhere to ethical usage, refraining from introducing malicious elements.

Other Important Information About Them

This section likely contains miscellaneous details, possibly covering aspects not explicitly addressed in the previous sections. Users are encouraged to thoroughly review this segment for a comprehensive understanding of Conquestador Casino and associated terms.